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It is recommended that you print this form in order to keep a copy for your files. If you do not want this information sent over the Internet you may print the form and mail it to:
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Online Application for Admission
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I. Identification Information

NOTE:  In order to apply electronically and/or receive financial aid, the applicant's Social Security number must be provided.  If you do not know your Social Security number, please obtain the correct number before completing the online application.

Social Security Number - -
How did you learn about NPCC? Reason for enrollment?


II. Personal Demographic Information



First Name 

Middle Initial

Last Name


Preferred Name (optional)

Current Address
# of years (0-99)  -OR- # of months (0-11)
How long have you lived at this address?

If less than 6 months, please list previous State or Arkansas County




 Permanent Address (if different)


Telephone   Number
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E-mail Address  
Note:  This information is optional, however it is strongly advised that you provide your personal e-mail address if available.  If you intend to register for an online class, a personal e-mail address is necessary in order to contact you regarding login instructions.
Emergency contact information:  Please list name(s) and telephone number(s):

Date of Birth (numbers only; no slashes, dashes or spaces)

(Example: MMDDYYYY)

State of Birth



Are you a U.S. Citizen?* 

Are you in the U.S. legally? 

(If no, please call Student Services at 501-760-4364.)



Are you a single parent of a child 18 or under?



Are you a displaced homemaker (have not been in workplace for at least 5 yrs)?


*Due to additional paperwork required, International Students are not able to apply online at this time. Please contact the Registrar's office at (501) 760-4213 or (501) 760-4210 for application instructions. We look forward to assisting you with your educational goals.


III. Request for Confidential Information

The information requested below will be used for summary reports required by federal and state laws and regulations and to support institutional affirmative action efforts. It will not be used as a basis for admission or in a discriminatory manner. You will not be subjected to adverse treatment if you do not provide any of the requested information. National Park Community College provides academic accommodations as mandated by ADA and 504. Please contact the Student Support Services program at 760-4227 for disability assistance information.

I am interested in more information about accommodations for a physical or learning disability

Ethnic Background

Is English your first language?




IV. Educational  Information

Seeking admission as:

What is your intended Degree Plan? (** indicates at least 50% of required courses available online)

Degree Plan Abbreviations: CP-Certificate of Proficiency; CGS-Certificate of General Studies; TC-Technical Certificate; AA-Associate of Arts; AAS- Asssociate of Applied Science; AAT-Associate of Arts in Teaching; ALS-Associate of Liberal Studies; AS-Associate of Science

(Students who are not seeking a degree from National Park Community College need to contact the office of Financial Aid to determine eligibility for Federal/State Financial Aid.)


V. Educational Background

High School Name

Are you presently enrolled in High School?

HS Grad Year

CCMM  ( Example: 2007)

List other colleges and dates of attendance below:
Institution State/Country Dates Attended Degree Earned

You will need the documents below for full admission to NPCC:

Complete high school transript/GED (with date of graduation) Test Scores (ACT, SAT, ASSET OR COMPASS)
Official transcripts from all previous colleges Immunization records*
*Proof of immunization against measles and rubella is required by Arkansas state law of all applicants born after January 1, 1957 who are full-time students. Vaccines must have been received after the first birthday and January 1, 1968. All incoming freshmen must show proof of two measles (rubeola) and one German measles (rubella).
Official copies of high school and/or college and university transcripts along with ACT, COMPASS, ASSET and or other placement scores need to be mailed to NPCC.

By submitting this application, I affirm that the information is complete and correct.  I understand that submission of inaccurate information can be cause for terminating my enrollment at National Park Community College.

When you have completed the Online Application for Admission, click the "Submit" button ONE TIME ONLY.


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